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20 Years Fishing South Padre Island

Capt. Allen Salinas knows how to put you on fish in this area. For over 20 years, he’s been stalking his favorite saltwater species around South Padre Island, and it’s safe to say that the fishing here is hard to beat!



Sea Trout


Trip Rates

Captain Allen Salinas has covered these waters for years, and knows exactly how to make effective work of your time! With a quality attitude and great knowledge throughout the year, there’s no better value out there!

Half Day (5 Hours) – $375.00
Full Day (8 Hours) – $600.00

These Rates are good for up to 2 people. An Additional Person may join for just $75 added on to the trip! Water, ice, and all gear needed to get fish in the boat is included for Light Tackle or Fly Fishing!

Light Tackle

Ideal all year long, you can’t go wrong with slingin’ some light jigs and soft plastics!

Capt. Allen Salinas will help you learn all the tactics needed to trick that redfish or snook into taking your presentation! Light tackle is always a great way to test your luck against those larger species, while knowing that at any given moment, they’ll make your drag scream!

Fly Fishing

Strip, strip, BOOM! Flex the buggy whip with confidence!

Do you prefer truly stalking your targeted species? To some of us, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing that water rise right behind the fly, just before it’s sucked down and all hell breaks loose!

What People are Saying

Captain Allen Salinas prides himself with not only putting you in place to get your catch, but also to provide a unique experience! Check out what some folks have said!

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